Ladies and Gentlemen,
Poltegor-projekt sp. z o.o. has been operating for over 60 years as a state-owned mine planning and designing company. In 1992 we became a limited liability company whose all shares are owned by private individuals.
Currently the company’s activities are concentrated on designing and engineering services. Until 2007 the company executed also turn-key projects.
POLTEGOR dates back to 1950. At that time, Wroclaw Branch of Central Design Office for Mining Industry in Katowice was established. In 1955, it was transformed in the independent Lower Silesia Mining Design Office, which in 1957 took over their duties as leading engineering institution of quick developing lignite industry. In 1971 we became a leading institution in the research and design works for opencast mining of all minerals. At that time, its name was changed for Central Research and Design Institute of Opencast Mining POLTEGOR.
Other important dates from further POLTEGORs history are:
1981 –  moving to new premises at Powstancow Slaskich St. in Wroclaw
1991 –  division into two entities: Poltegor-projekt and Poltegor-instytut.
1992 –  privatization of Poltegor-projekt resulting in the establishment of Limited Liability Company.
2006 –  sell out of real estate at Powstancow Slaskich St. and start up of office construction at Wyscigowa St. in Wrocław.
2007 –  commissioning of new site and settlement.
We shall be very glad if you take an interest in our services. For more details please further explore our website.
Please feel cordially invited.


Management Board of Poltegor-projekt sp. z o.o.